One of a Kind - Lots - Collections

FOREIGN-LARGE BOX LOT: 1940's to 2000. Lot #200301

FOREIGN-LARGE BOX LOT: 1940's to early 2000's. Wide range of countries includes Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America. Mint & Used. On album pages, stock pages, sets and singles in glassines. Includes many better modern mint sets. Lots of material to sort through with a high total catalog value.


FOREIGN-LARGE PRIORITY MAIL BOX filled with Classic to Modern stamps on album pages, stock pages and cards, sets and singles in glassines. M & U. Mostly all different, all off paper, no covers, no junk. Wide range of countries includes Europe, Asia, Africa, S. America, Middle East, various colonies, etc. F-VF. Loads of material. Huge catalog value.

MONGOLIA: Lot #150908
MONGOLIA: 1970-1980. Highly complete, mostly used collection (some mint sets mixed in). Over 650 stamps + 6 SS's. F-VF. 2016 Scott $356.
MONGOLIA: Lot #180910

MONGOLIA: 1980-1991. Collection of mostly used on quadrilled pages. Many complete sets with a few mint mixed in. Examples (M) #1129-1135, 1136, 1340-1346, (U) #1547-1550, 1879-1886, C135, C129. F-VF. 2019 Scott $169.

NEW ZEALAND: Lot #140208

NEW ZEALAND: Postal Fiscal 1940-1952. #AR75-AR86. M, VLH, F-VF. Scott $343.75

NORWAY: Lot #180408

NORWAY: 1962-1982. Highly complete (99%) collection of 431 Mint, hinged stamps on Minkus pages. A few used (6) not counted. F-VF. 2018 Scott $626.


TOPICALS-ROTARY INTERNATIONAL: Interesting collection of singles, sets and Souvenir Sheets + a 1972 Togo FDC. All foreign. All Mint, NH, F-VF on stock pages. Wide range of countries includes: Philippines #1459, 1460. strips of 5, Tonga #C290-C293, CO180. Souvenir Sheets: Cuba #362, C109, Camerouns #670a. Ecuador #956, 957, Malawi #365a, St. Lucia #525. Zaire #973a, etc., etc. plus Syria 1955 airmail sets of 2, imperf SS's sheets.  2019 Scott $150.+

TOPICALS: Lot #121008
TOPICALS: Yemen Arab Republic. 1960's-1970's. Collection on stock pages. Topics include: Olympics, Antiquities, Space, Sports, Art, Famous people, etc. All M, NH, VF. About 400 stamps + 37 Souvenir Sheets. Retail $1150.
TOPICALS: Lot #150903
TOPICALS-AMERICAS CUP 1987. Solomon Islands. Complete set of 10 Specially printed folios each containing a strip of 5 Mint stamps w/labels and a matching full color cacheted FDC. total of 50 stamps and 10 FDC's. Housed in a specially designed printed Slip case. Endorsed by the Royal Perth Yacht Club.
UNITED NATIONS-Geneva: Lot #151011

UNITED NATIONS-GENEVA: 1969-1999. Complete M, NH, VF collection on Scott pages to 1999 plus several additional to 2006. 2015 Scott $498.


UNITED NATIONS: Imprint Blocks Collection in a Minkus Album. #1-130 (missing only #53-54), C1-C10 plus #38 Souvenir Sheet. 1951-1956 are blocks of 4, 1956-1964 are blocks of 6. All Mint, NH, VF. 2013 Scott over $400.

UNITED NATIONS: #29-30 set of 2 Inscription blocks of 4. M, NH, VF. 2013 Scott $62.00
UNITED NATIONS: Inscription blocks of 4. 1970-1975 complete (69 diff.) Cat. $73.70. Plus U.N. European Offices, Geneva 1969-1975 (55 diff.) cat. $125.30. M, NH, VF in mounts in a Minkus UN Album. Total 2016 Scott $199.

UNITED NATIONS: 1951-1958. Complete collection #1-76, C1-C4 on Lindner hingless pages. Includes #38 Souvenir Sheet. F-VF. 2020 Scott $87.00


UNITED STATES: Interesting collection of over 800 postmarks in a large binder. Most are Circle Date Stamps (CDS) town cancels. Most are 1970's to early 2000's but includes early items such as a Frackville, PA 1879 purple CDS with target cancel on piece with 3 cent Wash. Banknote issue. Also includes about 60 Envelope cut squares from early items to 1980's 

UNITED STATES: Lot #111201

UNITED STATES: #1686-1689. American Bicentennial Souvenir Sheets. Set of 4. M, NH, VF. 2012 Scott $19.

UNITED STATES: Lot #140407
UNITED STATES: PROOF CARDS. 1979-1980. 52 different with stamp and first day of issue postmark in a Fleetwood album. Begins with J.F.K. up to 1980 Winter Olympics. Album and Cards in VF condition.
UNITED STATES: Lot #140409

UNITED STATES: SOUVENIR PAGE. #SP674a. Express Mail $10.75 Booklet pane of 3. Very short, light bend UL corner. 2014 Scott $85.00

UNITED STATES: Lot #160919

UNITED STATES: #3831. Pacific Coral Reef. Pane of 10. M, NH, VF.

UNITED STATES: Lot #161039

UNITED STATES: #4806. Inverted Jenny. Sheet of Six. M. NH. VF.

UNITED STATES: Lot #170711

UNITED STATES-MIXTURE: One Pound on paper. High quality. Majority is commemoratives including recent.

UNITED STATES: Lot #190100

UNITED STATES-MYSTERY LOT: Large Priority Mail Envelope filled with glassines, stock cards, packets and album pages. 19th century Classics to 20th century Modern material. Commems., regulars, coils and coil pairs, PNC's, blocks and plate blocks, airmails, revenues, deep B.O.B., booklets and panes, SS's,  etc., etc. M & U, mostly all different, all off paper, no covers. Much to sort through...who knows what you'll find.

UNITED STATES: Lot #201002

UNITED STATES: PL# Blocks-1956-1975 in a Scott National Binder. Begins with #1073, ends with #1575a. Total of 450 items all in correct blocks ranging from Pl# blocks of 4 to Pl# blocks of 20. Includes some matching PL# sets of 4 corner positions. 2001 Scott $570.

VATICAN CITY: Lot #200304

VATICAN CITY: 1929-1980. Collection of 574 stamps and 2 SS's in a Davo album. All used to 1958, then all mint, NH in mounts 1959-1971. Scattered used  1972-1980. Highlights: (M) #242a, 341 to 463 (missing only 2 stamps #359, 409), E5-E8. (U) #1-14, 19-34, 35, 37, 47-60, 140-142, 145-153, 173, B1-B4, C9-C15, C22, C23, E1, E2, E12, Q1-Q15, etc, etc. 2020 Scott $1088.